Nothing Means Nothing
photos by Johnny Salas

January 1st, 2019

Johnny Salas stands ringside and captures the beauty, rawness, and absurdity of Phoenix's semi-professional wrestling scene. His poetic noir photographs are intense, empathetic works that honor the sport as only a true fan could.

Animal Paperback Front Cover.jpg

Animal You’ll Surely Become: Extended Paperback Edition memoir and poetry by Brittany Hailer

February 5th, 2019

A daughter’s book, a book that exposes the unwitting hurt parents can inflict on their children, it makes sense that many pieces here are inspired by fairytales. Imagine Red Riding Hood, a woman in her late twenties or early thirties now, or Gretel, also grown. This is the just kind of tale they would tell, these daughters with absent mothers and fathers who have experienced loss and betrayal. Just to set the record straight. Just to tell it like it really was, to make sure we hear their voice, their side of the story.


How To Live: A Suggestive Guide visual poetry by Elizabeth Hellstern

February 19th, 2019

This collection of experimental poems acts as an alternative How-To Book, told with graphic flow charts and coupled with poetic language and philosophy. Both insightful and formally inventive, the pieces offer the readers a sense of agency as they choose their own way through complex activities such as "How to Name Something," "How to Use a Power Tool," and "How to Have a Great Idea." Several of the pieces were written specifically in response to Hellstern's experience building a shipping container house off-grid on 44 acres in the New Mexico high mountain desert, her struggle making new friends, dealing with adult issues like family, loss and trying to save the world.

Flouride Cover - Front.jpg

Fluoride stories by Chad Meadows

December 18th, 2018

“In his wonderful debut collection, Fluoride, Chad Meadows gives us worlds inhabited by bizarre misanthropes, fumbling idiots, and radical subversives. These stories dramatize enough absurd and hilarious situations to last a lifetime. At the same time, these seem like people we know in their yearning for direction and connection. Indeed, this book reminds us that even the strangest among us is human.”

Jeffery Renard Allen, author of Song of the Shank

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pungent dins concentric poetry by Vanessa Couto Johnson

December 4th, 2018

"Propelled by extraordinary imaginative force, the poems of Vanessa Couto Johnson’s dazzling pungent dins concentric unfold in a sequence of evocations, each one summoning into view a moment of bustle in a specific but overloaded social space. The works are built of sentences, swirling syntactic image structures that seem to be the outcome of critical attention to the strangeness of the world around us. Linguistic wit and sassy irreverence partially veil Johnson’s dismay, but they cannot veil the poet’s ebullient joie de vivre."

Lyn Hejinian, author of My Life

Strawberries Front Cover.jpg

Too Many Questions About Strawberries poetry by Jen Hirt

November 13th, 2018

In Too Many Questions About Strawberries, Jen Hirt is a horticulturalist of words, joining joy and grief, grafting prose to poetry, and cultivating new growth from the rootstock of memory. Like vines, her sentences twist and climb, enlivening her poems with surprising turns. Like seeds carefully placed and tended, the words in each poem unfurl with breathless abundance. As her poems wrestle with change, Hirt celebrates all that survives. Unpredictable and vibrant, the poems in this chapbook are ripe with tender insight, playfulness, and persistence.”

Stephanie Lenox, author of The Business

Blood In the Asphalt - Front Cover.jpg

Blood in the Asphalt:

Prayers From the Highway

photos, non-fiction, and poetry by Jesse Sensibar

October 16th, 2018

"In a piece near the end of Blood In The Asphalt: Prayers From The Highway, Jesse Sensibar chooses not to set upright a toppled roadside cross because he doesn’t “want to interfere.” That could be an aesthetic statement about a riveting collection made all the more
remarkable by all the things it doesn’t do. He says what happened. He documents with stark, vibrant photographs the makeshift shrines that would otherwise be only a blur. He achieves great feeling without sentimentalism. He is frank but never blasé, never manipulative. We are so often moving at breakneck speed, and this book is that rare thing: a quiet, commanding voice saying stop. Stop, and notice. You’ll never get it right if you try to explain. He never buries the material under directives about how to feel about it, and in so not doing, he’s created a powerful, haunting book that you’ll be richly rewarded for reading."

Carolyn Guinzio, author of Ozark Crows

Animal Front Cover New.jpg

Animal You'll Surely Become non-fiction and poetry by Brittany Hailer

October 9th

"Animal You'll Surely Become is a brutal and lyric shape-shifter of a book. It reinvents itself with each chapter, always turning on the reader. This book is an animal who is smart and soft, intuitive and vicious. It is a hybrid-myth of a beast with three faces pointing backwards, forwards, and most importantly: straight ahead, daring its reader, its prey, to blink. Hailer debuts with a lush and dirty book that is as adventurous as it is ambitious, and as I read it, I couldn’t look away."

Sarah Shotland, author of Junkette

Front Cover.jpg

How Much Of What Falls Will Be Left When It Gets To The Ground? poetry and photography by Carolyn Guinzio

September 25th, 2018

“In this book Carolyn Guinzio creates a world out of elements far beyond language on a page. Maps, photos, collage, typographical art, all intertwine as poetry of breathtaking freshnessnes and depth. This hybrid work is a beautiful exploration of the meaning of place, both present and past. *How Much of What Falls Will Be Left When It Gets To The Ground?* is a wildly layered memory book that demands to be returned to again and again.”

Jacob Shores-Arguello, author of Paraíso

Mute Front Cover.jpg

Mute stories by Shome Dasgupta

September 12th, 2018

"Shome Dasgupta's Mute reveals how the desperation to please friends, coaches, would-be lovers, parents, wives, and daughters results in an overwhelming sense of disorientation. Fraught with anxieties, Mute transforms situations that could easily turn toxic into moments of personal sadness and loneliness that, productively for our time, unveil a multitude of imaginative maneuvers that help these narrators accept their lives and fates."

Molly Gaudry, author of We Take Me Apart and the forthcoming Desire: A Haunting

PHC Front Cover.jpg

Penultimate Human Constellation poetry by Benjamin and Steven Ostrowski

August 21st, 2018

"You will never encounter another volume of poetry like this. Father and son, Steven and Ben Ostrowski give the reader the most intimate and engaging look into a closeness between two family members I’ve yet encountered; a dialogue couched in experimental form and imagery that is always fresh and inventive. A book of correspondences that often spans oceans and continents as the two are separated. Not a single lazy line and nothing telegraphed. Surprises abound around every corner, hallmarked by wit, love and a genuine, deep affection for one another."

Robert Nazarene, founding editor & publisher, The American Journal of Poetry

Cover Art by Steven Ostrowski

I'm Not a Robot Front Cover.jpg

I'm Not a Robot prose poetry by Howie Good

July 17th, 2018

"Overuse over time means that our current Reality has worn thin; but Howie Good has come to the rescue & provided a sturdy under-blanket to create a safe viewing platform. His new Reality spills through the holes in the old so sometimes we see the familiar, sometimes not. But the juxtaposition of old & new means that we do have reference points to hang on to, that we do have time to prepare for the craziness he thinks might be ahead if not already here. I'm not sure if I want to face this new Reality, but Howie Good has done such a great job identifying it in I'm Not a Robot that I'm sure I'll be comfortable dealing with it when it confronts me."

Mark Young, author of Genji Monogatari

Cover Art by Logan Riley

Nobody Is Ever Missing Front Cover.jpg

Nobody Is Ever Missing
poetry by Cody Wilson

May 15th, 2018

"Cody Wilson has a great feel for the details that speak of what hides below the surface. There’s a deeply human mix here – he celebrates, worries, remembers, and looks ahead – and a feeling that he’s trying to enact the multitude of woundings and survivals that have shaped who he is. This book is a beautiful reminder of the joy and risk surrounding us every day."

Bob Hicok, author of Sex & Love &

EB Front Cover Small.jpg

Echo Bay poetry by Jennifer Battisti

April 1st, 2018

“These poems are rooted deeply in the body and body of the Earth, but also untethered in their imagination, their reach. Battisti’s Echo Bay will long echo inside my bones.”

Gayle Brandeis, author of The Art of Misdiagnosis: Surviving My Mother’s Suicide

Cover Art and Design by Dale Novak

LGBD Front Cover.jpg

The Lost Girls Book of Divination comics-poetry by Letisia Cruz

April 1st, 2018

"The Lost Girls Book of Divination is a stunningly cool graphic poem, aka a lyrical narrative accompanied by captivating imagery, far superior to anything Instagram has to offer! It is a spiritual quest, both ancient and postmodern in its insights, a poetic tarot for the new millennium. It is seasonal, cyclical, and maddeningly like our own lives, resonant with our struggles, offering up the ultimate wisdom—that being alive means being lost. Lastly, it is a powerful statement on the earth and our loss of connectedness to it—for as we unspool from ourselves, forests vanish."

Rosemarie Dombrowski, Poet Laureate of Phoenix, AZ


Forthcoming Titles

Intentionally Blank - Front Cover.jpg

(Intentionally Blank) stories by Thomas Mundt

March 13th, 2019

The characters that inhabit the twenty-two stories comprising (INTENTIONALLY BLANK) are missing something. In some cases, it's the punchline. In others, it's someone who cares. In every instance, it's the point. It's as if they all have phantom limbs, appendages that have gone missing or stolen, but haven't stopped tingling. Like an intelligent designer took safety scissors to the universe, left a bunch a holes. Like everything's intentionally blank.

SFO - Cover - With Teal and Pink.jpg

SFO: Pictures and Poetry about San Francisco by Pablo Luque Pinilla & Jose Luis R. Torrego, translated by Korbin Jones

April 30th, 2019

Why I Didn't Go - Front Cover Concept.jpg

Why I Didn’t Go to Your Funeral poetry by Colin Pope

May 21st, 2019

C. Pope's Why I Didn't Go to Your Funeral follows the suicide of a loved one. This poetic journey will feel inescapably familiar and yet startlingly clear, giving language to feelings that are exceedingly difficult to describe that once uttered provide validation, empathy, and relief. This book is alarming in its depth but also painfully, knee-scrapingly grounded in the realities of a world perpetually ill-equipped to cope with loss.

Lampblack - Front Cover.jpg

The Lampblack Blue of Memory: My Mother Echoes memoir by Sarah Adleman

June 2019

The Sting of It - Front Cover - No Scribbles.jpg

The Sting of It poetry by A.J. Odasso

Summer 2019

If One of Us Should Die - Front Cover.jpg

If One of Us Should Die, I’ll Move to Paris stories by Brandon French

Fall 2019

Some Place - Front Cover.jpg

Some Places Worth Leaving

stories by Dani Burlison

Winter 2019