Tolsun Books, LLC is a small press based out of Tolleson, Arizona. We're here because we love authors, and our philosophy is that authors should be paid for their work, whether they sell one copy of a book or a million copies. 

We're into books that use separate parts to make a whole: poetry, short stories, comics poetry, hybrids, photo stories, new styles that we haven't thought of yet. We love places, and we gravitate toward authors who bring those places home to us. We want to see a palm tree growing right next to a pine tree, and we want to know the coyote that passes under them each night. 

We also believe in the importance of aesthetics and the power of design. Our goal is to publish books that will look beautiful on your bookshelf or coffee table. We believe you can judge at least part of a book by its cover, and that our amazing authors deserve the best presentation of their work. 

Our Staff

Heather Lang                                                                                                   Co-Publisher / Press Coordinator / Editor               tolsunbooks.heather@gmail.com

Brandi Pischke                                                                                                    Co-Publisher / Social Media Coordinator / Editor            tolsunbooks.brandi@gmail.com

David Pischke                                                                                                  Co-Publisher / Director of Art and Design / Business Relations / Editor           tolsunbooks.david@gmail.com

Risa Pappas                                                                                                   Copy Editor / Editor